Cargo Consolidators

We help our customers by arranging for cargo consolidation (by air/sea). Our cargo consolidation services include air cargo consolidation and freight consolidation services, transportation of cargo to the stuffing point, stuffing of cargo in the container, customs processing of shipping documents and use of premium air/shipping lines. We have specialised experts to ensure that your prized cargos are handled properly.

We make sure that the cargo reaches the respective destination well before the specified time through our air cargo consolidation and freight consolidation services.

As with all our solutions, the Cargo Consolidation System is built around a central database. This means that once POs are loaded, any origin office may book them and the shipment process does not rely on transferring data between servers. All updates are immediate and EDI messages are produced and sent immediately, giving better, more accurate reporting and a powerful query base. The Vendor Compliance module allows exceptions to be recorded and reported.