Mission Statement

Our competitive edge and excellent service delivery covers areas such as Mining and Construction Industries, Diplomatic Mission, Non-Governmental Organisation, International organization, etc. We provide some of the following services

We represent several governmental and private-owned lines, both carrying conventional cargoes and applying modern methods of cargo handling. As a consequence of the variety of represented lines, we are fully acquainted with all aspects of this activity and are also well introduced with importers, exporters and forwarding agents both in our own area as well as in the Land Locked countries of West Africa like ( BURKINA FASO, MALI, NIGER & others like CHAD, SUDAN, UGANDA ), from where an important part of cargo moving via GHANA, IVORY COAST, CAMEROON, KENYA originates.

Canvassing for large projects and contracts is effected through direct visits to exporters and shippers in BURKINA FASO, MALI, NIGER, CHAD, SUDAN, UGANDA or via sourcing etc. Local canvassing and desk acquisition is effected daily. Cargoes moving via Tema, Abidjan and Mombassa ports originate from BURKINA FASO, MALI, NIGER, CHAD, SUDAN, UGANDA.

Experienced assistance to Owners is given in all Ghanaian and foreign ports where Goshmelo Shipping Ltd is operating with its Agent offices. We have our branch and or partners offices in ABIDJAN, DOUALA, FREETOWN - SIERRA LEONE, MALI,NIGER, NIGERIA , KENYA-MOMBASA etc to handle all forms of shipment to & from this regions and its surrounding areas.